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Ardu is the verb "to elevate" in the Irish language.

Which of these options will help to elevate you?

This Page is for Business Owners and Managers. Are you experiencing overwhelm? Working harder than...

This page is for you if you are a busy business owner or HR manager who needs to address training requirements or who needs to get someone to manage that for you - Yes, Ardu can do that for you...

Here you will find some thought provoking articles, none of which take more than 10 minutes to read. You will also find access to periodic, short (1 hour, content rich) FREE Webinars...

Discover the tactics they DON'T teach you about starting your own business!

This Page is for individuals starting a business, or for organisations who need to provide training courses...

This is a rich and growing resource of usable content for Ardu's network members and clients...

This Page is for you if you are involved in business, and seek the benefits of a mentor. Whether you are looking for a mentor in Dublin, a mentor in Waterford, a mentor in Wicklow, or simply general business mentoring, we have the right person for you...

This Page is for Here you will find some video and audio clips, including radio appearances on the Upstarts radio programme, where every month, Peter shares his insights live on air...

We get asked ‘What is the difference between a mentoring and a coaching?’ or ‘What can an Ardú mentor do that a consultant can’t?

The answer is that they are different processes. Your mentor applies his/her expertise to growing both the person and the business.

A coach works on the person, a consultant on the business. The mentor fulfills both roles and neither. (S)he is there to empower the business owner to take the business to the level they choose.

A consultant says 'do this'. An Ardu mentor says 'here are your options - which will you choose?'

It always includes change because if you always do what you always did then you will indeed only ever get what you always got.

Ardú is based in Bray Co Wicklow and has a sub-office in Waterford, but is not limited to working in Dublin, Wicklow or Waterford or even in Ireland.

Much of our work happens over video conference. Nor are we locked into rigid hours.

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