We have the things we always did, that always worked, so as general Patton said: "if it's not broken, don’t fix it".


We have new ideas, but they are untried. We don’t know if they will work.


And up the middle is FEAR

Fear of letting go

Fear of Change

Fear of it not working

Fear of failure

Fear of success

Fear of things getting out of control

Fear of letting People Down

Fear of what others might think

Fear of losing money

So many Fears pulling us this way and that

Fear is a dirty four letter word starting with F much worse than any other.

Fear is paralysing and so we don’t do anything and little by little the world changes around us and we control less and less of our own fate, always responding, or worse still reacting to the actions of other people who in reality control our destiny.

This is the description of why many small businesses fail.

Business owners fail to adapt. They fail to change. The first thing that has to change is our mind, our attitude.

If you don’t remember the event they made a movie about it now called SULLY. Unfortunately Tom Hanks is in the movie but I digress. It describes the events leading up to the decision by the pilot Chesley Sullenberger, to ditch the plane in the Hudson and so save the lives of everyone on board. Without spoiling the movie – It’s a bit like Titanic we know how it ends; it all boiled down to attitude.

First the decisive attitude of the pilot to not try to get back to the airport but instead to trust his own instincts no matter who said to do otherwise.

Second his attitude of self belief. – That he could land the plane and save all the people.

But most importantly his ability to keep the plane in a correct attitude to make the landing.


My attitude to business has to change because the economic wind of change is happening. BREXIT, TRUMP, The price of Oil will affect every small business and we have to change our attitude in response to that.  The economy has changed dramatically. AGAIN. Fear all you like. But do something to get in control of the fear, in control of your business. In control of where your life is going.  Where is your destination? Where will you be? Your business be in 2, 3 or 5 years from now? If you don’t know you are drifting rudderless.

Feel the fear and do it anyway. Your mind will have changed and you might not even have noticed

New year Changed mind, Master or Mistress of your own destiny, business, life

Let’s move forward in 2017.

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