So it’s June, Already!  The secondary schools close today until September, the long leisurely days of the summer stretch before us and we could just roll through and allow the silly season to start early in our business.

Instead let’s talk instead about the ALTITUDE of our goals for the next 3 months.

90 days, less 14 for some rest time so that’s 50 working days or 400 hours and of those perhaps only 300 will be earning hours maybe even less because it is summertime.

What could you do, starting today to make your business and life better over the next 3 months? What is an achievable goal for you over the summer months?

We always need goals, both personal and professional if we are to grow as people or as businesses. And summer is a great time for a financial year end (Its quieter, you get time to get it done!) Or maybe for you it’s a mid-year reassessment of what is achievable between now and December and it is a great time for readjusting goals in line with that.

The ALTITUDE of a goal is ideally what we can stretch to standing on our tippy toes – BARELY within reach, not quite within our grasp but with a small jump…… Remember what it was like when you wanted that biscuit when you were small and it was just out of reach but if you got a stool or a chair then: well anything was possible.  That’s how our goals should be. Ideally we need to identify what chair or stool do we need if we are to reach the goal before we grow that couple of inches because the truth is we can’t wait that long. Now is when the opportunity presents. Tune in in July for more about this bit.

Goals are of nil value though, if they are even the tiniest bit on the fuzzy side. So to make them work we have to talk SMART.  First thing about SMART goals is that they are written down

You must be specific about what you are trying to achieve. I mean the exact outcome should be written down in the finest detail with as much information as possible so that it makes it really easy for you to see your progress towards that goal. It becomes measurable. If it can’t be measured it can’t be managed they say so the goal must be specific and measurable to see on a day to day basis what progress you are making.   It has to be Actionable. You have to have it in your power to carry out the actions to make it happen. There is no value in setting yourself up to fail. That is just self-sabotage so it must also be within reach, within the realms of reality not some dream.  I meant to say this. What most people call a goal is usually just a dream. That’s because they never wrote it down so it never gets the resources put toward it to achieve the outcome.

Lastly it absolutely has to be timed. Every step you take needs a deadline, no excuses. A date when you hold yourself accountable for having it done then all the little steps come together and you’ve achieved a goal.

Specific Measurable Actionable, Realistic and Timed. SMART.

One last thing. Put the goal written in all its detail in a place where you will be forced to confront it every day and hold yourself accountable for reaching the ALTITUDE that is your potential SO FAR!

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