Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!

The hardest thing in the world is to make a Decision properly.What do I mean properly?I mean a decision you make once and you never have to revisit because it was the right choice pushing you in the right direction at the right time.    Most of the time we make the best Decisions we can […]


Everybody experiences milestones in life like it or not. From first steps to first communion to first love, from 18, 21, 40.Weddings, and in Ireland even funerals are celebrations.When we reach these major milestones and landmarks we tend to mark them, to create a life affirming memory that spurs us on.  Sometimes others celebrate these […]

Be a Buddy

A Buddy is a lot like a mentor.  You trust your buddy to support you and you hold you to account – that you will do what you say you’ll do.If you are someone’s business buddy then on the days when they are struggling who’re they going to call? If it’s you who is struggling […]

Aim at the Achievable

People who aim at nothing usually hit it. I’ll repeat that. People who aim at nothing usually hit it. So ask yourself: what are you aiming at? Are you aiming High at something which stretches you? Or aiming low at something well within your comfort zone? Or are you perhaps not aiming at all?People who […]

Future Proof

Start-ups are by their nature focused on the short term future, Growing the business, Hiring people, finding customers, Managing the business, dealing with the bureaucracy etc. etc.But if we were to take the long term view like Toyota for example who have a 50 year plan we would probably be considering what we will do […]

Final Furlong

In any race; and I think business is a race, you can plod along most of the time. Every participant in that race puts a spurt in towards the end with a view to winning. There is a judge or a referee in most sports but not in business. So I ask you now:  Who […]

Figuring It Out

My clients, and most micro entrepreneurs I meet are terrified of the accountsI don’t know why but they seem to think that there is some kind of a black art to actually doing the accounts so when it comes to taking the step up doing the tax return they turn into gibbering wrecks, utterly terrified […]

Fog It

The view from my office window sometimes gives me pause for thought. A few days ago the view I have of the sugar loaf was, at the top, shrouded in fog whereas today as I write, the mountain is in clear bright sunlight.As I look at the two photographs side by side I am incredibly […]


When I meet someone who is deciding to start a new business I always ask the entrepreneur: Why? Why would you do this?I mean you work harder, for probably less wages at the start, you pay more tax than your friend with a job and you may even lose some friends. Some people will look […]

Fact or Fiction

Anatomy of a sales pitch:When you ask most Micro Entrepreneurs about the issues they face on a daily basis in business the biggest one the face is:  Is it fact or is it fiction.This is 2 sides of the same coin both as a buyer and as a seller. Whether you think you are a […]