Everybody experiences milestones in life like it or not. From first steps to first communion to first love, from 18, 21, 40.

Weddings, and in Ireland even funerals are celebrations.

When we reach these major milestones and landmarks we tend to mark them, to create a life affirming memory that spurs us on.  Sometimes others celebrate these milestones in spite of us. The surprise party is a well worn classic.

But it is not the achievement that usually matters but the way in which we remember reaching this milestone. The way we celebrate.

I was thinking about this as I watched my two oldest granddaughters together recently. They are 4 and 5. As they played, wrapped up in their imaginary world, they made memories of being together; cementing what I hope will be a lifelong friendship. I am sure you have similar precious memories of childhood that sustain you when things are tough.

When I sat down to write this I asked myself:  What can I learn from the wisdom of children?

3 things came to mind:

  1. Treasure the simple things in life.
  2. You only get one shot at life don’t mess it up
  3. Business (or work) is there to serve your real life.

-           You never heard anyone say I wish I had spent more time at my desk!!

How can I turn that into a business lesson?  It didn’t take long to cop on this time.

What would it be like if we actually set goals with achievable milestones in our businesses?  I’m not suggesting soft goals but ones we have created a detailed plan to achieve and then delivered on the plan.

And then what would happen if we celebrated their achievement with all the people who made that achievement possible?

Pushing on from that:  Do you think that knowing that this reward or celebration is coming up would increase your motivation and maybe help you to reach your goal sooner?

And most of all think of the positive energy, the little endorphins in the brain that told you DO THAT AGAIN. The celebration felt good

Wouldn’t that help you to build your business? Wouldn’t it help you push past the fear or the aversion that we all have to doing some things? 

So here is a whole pile of C’s.

Consider this.  You can Change your mind; Literally by changing what happens chemically in your brain. Check back with yourself; What Caused you to start on this business adventure in the first place. Create  a currency of celebration and reward for not just  big milestones. Celebrate the small successes too. Cake on birthdays, A landmark date, a big sale; just create positive memories.

One last thought…

My father was a wood turner in his 5th career. He created a series of small boxes that he called happy memory boxes.  The concept was that you put small objects into the boxes to remind you of happy days – Days of celebration. Then whenever you felt low or you needed a boost you only had to lift the lid to lift your spirits.

Its a great idea. So celebrate often. Create those memories.

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