Course 11: Enterprise Management


Most people are promoted from a skill based role to managing others carrying out that role. These recently promoted Managers or small business owner-managers have a gulf to bridge. This course facilitates that process. (Each days training can be delivered in isolation)

Course Content - 10 Modules

  • Business Planning
  • Structures and Compliance (incl. H&S) 
  • Self Management: Time, Stress and Priority 
  • Marketing (includes Guerrilla)
  • Advertising & Promotion 
  • Costing and Pricing for Profit 
  • Selling and Customer Care 
  • Managing A Business Unit 
  • Fundamental Finance
  • Managing People

Pre Training Requirements

  • Completed Registration Form
  • Manual Handling training completed
  • Fulfilling a management role

Max Participants



10 x 5 hour sessions.


In House - valid for 2 years.