When I meet someone who is deciding to start a new business I always ask the entrepreneur: Why? Why would you do this?I mean you work harder, for probably less wages at the start, you pay more tax than your friend with a job and you may even lose some friends. Some people will look […]

Fact or Fiction

Anatomy of a sales pitch:When you ask most Micro Entrepreneurs about the issues they face on a daily basis in business the biggest one the face is:  Is it fact or is it fiction.This is 2 sides of the same coin both as a buyer and as a seller. Whether you think you are a […]

The dirtiest 4 letter F word…

To my mind the dirtiest 4 letter F word in the English Language. FearIn relation to entrepreneurs and indeed managers of small and medium businesses I think there are a number of areas we should exploreFear Of FailureFear Of Reputational DamageFear Of The Opinions Of PeersFear Of Authority (Taxman, Regulatory Bodies)Fear Of Public SpeakingFear Of […]

Fundamental Fear of GDPR

GDPR is coming. Like it or not Every business has a responsibility to be compliant by 25th May or simply in 3 weeks from todayWhat must you do.You must nominate a person to be responsibleYou must write a policy for managing dataYou must check if you should be registered with the data protection commissionerYou must […]


When I sit back and think about how I became an entrepreneur I recognise that my entire career has pivoted around just 2 words. Strangely enough they are F words.  Fear and FunFear and Fun are the two most powerful motivators in most people and especially in entrepreneursIt is often referred to as towards and […]


The quality of entrepreneurship.Every business starts out as fantasy, an idea a notion. Indeed in any pub on any street on any night seated on a stool you will find the resident entrepreneur talking the theory of his latest business fantasy.The difference between that entrepreneur and the one running a real business amounts to 3 […]

Forensic Financial Figures

Most people who own businesses judge the success or not of their business by the amount of money in the bank at the end of the month.We should of course be happy with that but there is more. Today let’s look at a simple one person business.If we are looking at the numbers there are […]

Finding New Customers

Fact your promotional material has Four seconds or less to catch the reader’s attention before it gets filed under not F but R for Recycle or in electronic terms the reader moves on, clicks the back button or proverbially swipes left.So the problem, or rather the solution is about holding your audience.Before you start.First step: […]


Its 2018 so our new theme is F words. This year I’ll also be challenging you to implement a specific set of actions at the end of each blog.The lesson I want to share this month is to Finesse meaning Skill, Subtlety, Flair, Assurance.There is a magic question to ask at the start of the […]


At the end of a year It’s customary in business to look back and look forward and assess critically how you did according to your business plan and make appropriate changes for the next year.For our blog series We can look at our businesses to see How close to right we are in Response to […]