When I was working through the alphabet in December 2018 to plan this series of Blogs who would have predicted the change in our world?

No one could have written this. Then we missed a few months of actually publishing the blog while I concentrated on ‘All the mistakes’ and so here we are in May with the title I put in back in 2018 Massive change.

Many years ago I found a line which since then has influenced my entire decision making process. It has grown into a life philosophy for me and I now offer it to you for what it is worth. If you only choose to read as far as the end of this then you have the message.
It doesn’t matter what happens to you,
Or what people do in your life
Or how they treat you
Or what people say to you
It is how you choose to respond to those events that defines you.

I will say it again
It is how you choose to respond to those events that defines you.

Imagine for a moment that you are standing chest deep in the sea with your back to the shore and there is a wave coming towards you. Nothing you do, nothing you say will stop that wave. You can respond any way you choose but that wave will reach you. If the wave is big enough you have to jump up to keep your head above the water and the wave will carry you towards the shore and probably move you away from where you were standing, up or down the beach. Your feet will be off the ground for a few moments and then you find your feet and the wave is gone. You on the other hand are still there. Perhaps you will be changed by the experience but you have survived, learned, grown, adapted, changed and you are still there, still you. If you fail to respond the same might happen. Or it might knock you down. A different learning. This impacts your entire way of dealing with future waves forever. You can become frightened and never go back in the sea again or perhaps exhilarated and you cannot wait for the next wave.

Whether it is a covid 19 wave, a business opportunity or mistake, a personal encounter it doesn’t matter. What matters is that life will continue to send waves until we learn to deal with them.

So what have you learned or changed? How have you grown through this experience? What have you discovered about yourself or others? How have you become more caring tolerant as a person through this process?
What have you learned about your business? How are you choosing to change your business? This is an amazing opportunity to re set your business or career. It gives us time to reflect on who we are what we and our business are all about. So here is the question one more time:
How do you choose to respond to these events and how do you want it to define you?
It is a massive wave offering a massive opportunity to never do it (whatever it may be) the same way again.

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