1. More Profitability.

2. If we cant find our fee in your savings, or extra profits you get from working with us, then there won't be a fee.

This Page is for Business Owners and Managers.

Are you?

  • Experiencing overwhelm? Working harder than your employees?
  • Hesitating and don't know why?
  • Feeling 'stuck' or you know you need to change and want to take the first step?
  • Good at what you do but need to systemise more?
  • Disappointed with how the business is going? Or does it feel like it is growing out of control?
  • Feeling like the business is taking over your life?
  • Finding it difficult to decide on the next step? Is it to grow or downsize?
  • Re-evaluating because the Covid experience changed your priorities?
  • Suddenly aware of the need to plot your route to retirement?
  • Do you simply want to work smarter rather than harder? Are you looking for help on your journey to success? (But how do YOU measure success?)

If any of this resonates or if you just want a chat, then whether you are in Dublin, Waterford, Wicklow, Mayo, or anywhere else, pick up the phone or go to the Contact Us page NOW!


There are 3 ways to work with Ardu’s Mentors:

1. The classic, regular, one-to-one mentoring.

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2. Mastermind Groups.

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3. The Ocasional Check-in, Check-up.

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Some thoughts on why we mentor:

We want you to step by step reach the heights of your vision for your business and so improve the quality of life for you and those who are part of your vision.

Ardu mentors support you the business owners and managers, to develop into the management roles you have to fulfil. That allows your business to grow towards the goals you have set and that everyone is trying to reach.

Sometimes the first step can be that simple: setting some Goals.

Ardu Mentoring works with people who want to make their lives better; personally, professionally & financially. This happens through a business mentoring process.

If you are experiencing any of these things then having a business mentor from Ardu will help.

It always includes change because if you always do what you always did then you will indeed only ever get what you always got.

The Process:

The processes involved vary dramatically from one business to another. That is because mentoring, unlike coaching is not a one size fits all process.

First, We Listen – That helps you to diagnose where you are.

Once we have diagnosed together then we can prescribe a course of action.

Simply that means that Ardu mentors you from where you are, not where we would like you to be. It usually includes some one-to-one mentoring with the owner and / or manager. It probably includes some training or mentoring for performance with team members to improve skills or gain another perspective. It very often includes some work around compliance.

We get asked: ‘What is the difference between business mentoring and coaching?’ or ‘What can an Ardú mentor do that a consultant can’t? The answer is that they are different processes. Your mentor applies his/her expertise to growing both the person and the business. A coach works on the person, a consultant on the business. The mentor fulfills both roles and neither. (S)he is there to empower the business owner to take the business to the level they choose. A consultant says: 'do this'. An Ardu mentor says: 'here are your options - which will you choose?'.

Ardú is based in Bray Co Wicklow and has a sub office in Waterford but is not limited to working in Dublin, Wicklow or Waterford or even in Ireland. Much of our work happens over video conference. Nor are we locked into rigid hours.

Our promise to all of our mentoring clients is to be cost-neutral. It will cost you nothing because within 3 months our cost will be well offset by the increased profits and reduced costs.

Succeed with the support of a Mentor!

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