Questions are the answer

Have you ever thought about the power of a question? Recently I was at one of those webinars and the presenter came up with a statement that started me thinking. He said ‘A question is like the enter key on your necktop computer’. He went on to explain – I only know this because I […]

Life is different post covid

Massive Change

When I was working through the alphabet in December 2018 to plan this series of Blogs who would have predicted the change in our world? No one could have written this. Then we missed a few months of actually publishing the blog while I concentrated on ‘All the mistakes’ and so here we are in […]

Life and the Motive for Business

Most of us look in the mirror, a bit bleary eyed in the morning while we shave, brush our teeth or do make up. But when you look in the mirror you can be sure of one thing. The person you see looking back at you is not quite the same as the person looking […]

Be a Buddy

A Buddy is a lot like a mentor.  You trust your buddy to support you and you hold you to account – that you will do what you say you’ll do.If you are someone’s business buddy then on the days when they are struggling who’re they going to call? If it’s you who is struggling […]