People say Happy Christmas, Happy Holidays, Season’s Greetings but what’s it all about? Business spends large amounts of money buying biscuits, chocolate and wine because it is what you do, to appreciate customers.  We have a Christmas party because its expected. We say and do things at this time of year that we don’t usually say and do but too often we are just going through the motions

To quote a wonderful satirist from the 1960’s Tom Lehrer

‘It doesn’t matter how sincere it is,

Nor how heartfelt the spirit,

Sentiment will not endear it,

What’s important is the price’.

So I got to thinking. This year I’m taking a step back. No Christmas cards from Ardu, No wine, no chocolate, none of that. Instead – a few quid to the St Vincent de Paul. They really do great work and if you give more than €250 they can even get back the tax you paid on that money. There is a form of course. And yes Charitable donations are a legitimate business expense.

We are all in business for a purpose. For me that purpose is to create the life I want, the quality of life that I (or you) deserve. Sometimes we lose focus on the goal, whatever it is. So with that goal in mind I ask you: Do the people you love know how important they are to you? Do they know that’s why you put in the long hours and hard work? Do they know – for sure? If you are in any doubt; tell them, show them.

Sometimes we take for granted, that the important people in our lives know we care and we assume they will always be there. Make Sure.

So amidst all the fun, wine and whatever else, I want to appreciate the people. None of the rest matters really. So to all the listeners, all the people who support us along the journey: Thank you. Just that; Thank you for 2019 and for all the other times you have been there. Business is about relationships and in all relationships we take each other for granted from time to time.  So from me to you wherever you are, Supplier, Customer, Friend or some combination of all 3: Thanks and Happy Christmas.

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